Future-proofing printed folding cartons

There are two ways in which a digital carton printing machine can complement your business. Either you have already been confronted with new orders demanding more flexibility by smaller lot size and a faster response: then a digital suite is your answer right there. But even when your business consists for the most part of offset jobs today, a digital suite could open new doors: you get to show your customers new possibilities, improve your relationship with them and attract new ones too.

Either way, you're all set for the future with a Xeikon digital folding carton printing suite.

Shorter runtimes, just-in-time requests, more variation, seasonal packaging, more personalisation techniques to make brands stand out at an affordable cost? Bring them on. Our digital folding cartons packaging suites are designed to help you deal with these new market trends. And you don't have to make any compromises in quality, safety - or profit margins. Because there's only so much your offset park can handle efficiently. Whether for food, confectionary, beverages, pharma or health & beauty, our folding carton suites can help you create new revenue streams with higher profit margins at the highest standards.

As a complete set-up, our suite for folding carton printing consists of:

folding carton press

An impressive range of folding carton packaging presses

From entry level folding carton presses to our flagship 3500 with top speeds, you'll find the printing machine that matches your business' size. Sheet or web-based, our 3000 series can be upgraded to grow along with your business. They all offer:

  • best-in-class productivity
    optimal combination of flexibility and quality
  • consistent, impeccable quality
    with 1200 dpi resolution and and automatic quality control
  • unlimited creativity
    unrivalled range of conventional print media without pre-coating
workflow software

Dedicated folding carton software and components

The advantage of going digital: control your process from start to finish with a digital interface that has direct access to your press hardware. Our Xeikon X-800 digital front-end is completely tuned to printing folding carton packaging. Specific components can be built in to make your operator's life easier, and make room for creativity: barcode dongle, Vectorizer, ColorControl, offline prepress station - just to name a few.

dry toners

Guaranteeing safety and brilliant shelf-life with dry toner

Meeting FDA regulation and Nestlé guidelines for Food contact (iSEGA approved) is self-evident with our dry toners. Since they don't contain mineral oils, there is no contamination risk, or smells that could affect your products.

Engineered in-house, and designed to work with our suites, our toners guarantee an optimal combination of printing speed and quality for folding carton. Their excellent lightfastness make sure your packaging can enjoy a long and brilliant life on the shelves. Your customers can sleep on both ears.

print media

Use all typical folding carton print media

Our suite allows you to work with typically conventional print media without any pre-coating. This saves you time, and there’s really no need to buy different print media because you happen to print digitally. It suits your current logistics set-up nicely.

converting equipment

The matching auxiliary equipment

Making the suite complete, every set-up offers a choice out of auxiliary equipment that matches your folding carton printing machine: unwinder, rewinder, inline web varnishing module for water-based and or UV spot varnish, a stacker, offline flatbed diecut unit... You name it.

See the proof on Xeikon quality


You can upload up to 5 different packaging designs here. We will produce them

  • on 2 different substrates
  • with a Xeikon 3000 Series press
  • using QA-I toner (CMYK and Orange)

Or you can choose to produce some great samples we've selected for you.

order your custom samples

5 reasons for folding carton printing the Xeikon way

1. a unique combination of quality and speed

to deal with more demanding requirements

2. no mineral oils, absolute food safety

dedicated dry toners with excellent lightfastness

3. unmatched flexibility and creativity

Sheet or web solution with dedicated workflow

4. wide range of folding carton presses

from entry level to high-speed printing machines

5. one-stop solution

including Inline water-based spot varnishing

A custom made Xeikon solution?

The total solutions team at Xeikon helps every Folding Carton converter
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