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Direct. Dedicated. Digital.

If you look at our LED-array-based technology, flexible workflows, application-tuned dry toners and complete Suites designed to grow with you, sure, you could say we're quite dedicated to digital printing.

Some people call us 100% crazy about digital production.

But we have developed every aspect and every part of our set-ups closely with printing business professionals around the world. And that is how you know they'll deliver: they'll help you deal with your challenges in the printing business today - and tomorrow.


"Print is back, but not the way it was in Gutenberg’s day – there are new conditions to consider: The right messages must get through to the right people, at the right time, on a one-to-one basis. Our Xeikon digital presses enable us to do that !”

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Xeikon to introduce innovative wall covering solutions at Heimtextil

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Bigger than ever, Xeikon Café Packaging Innovations sets 2017 dates

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6/10 Xeikon Café on Folding Carton

The concept of a Xeikon Café is simple but effective: to provide an informal knowledge exchange platform.

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Shifting to digital label printing with Xeikon as your partner


When you have been printing with flexographic presses all your life, acquiring and implementing a digital machine might seem daunting at first…

Xeikon to introduce innovative wall covering solutions at Heimtextil


Xeikon Fusion technology persuades Dejonghe Printing Company to invest in digital printing

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First investment in unique Fusion configuration

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