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Digital printing solutions like no other Ready for the next turn. Just like you.

Direct. Dedicated. Digital.

If you look at our LED-array-based technology, application-tuned toners, flexible workflows and complete Suites designed to grow with you, sure, you could say we're quite dedicated to digital printing. We have developed every aspect and every part of our set-ups closely with printing business professionals around the world.

Toner and inkjet now part of our label family

That is exactly why we have added inkjet-based printing to our label portfolio. As truly direct and dedicated printing technology specialists, we believe you should deal with your challenges in your very own way. That is why we offer a wider range of digital technologies for a wide range of applications. From wine labels to wall decoration; from toner to inkjet – how can we help you to make your business ready for the next turn?


"Print is back, but not the way it was in Gutenberg’s day – there are new conditions to consider: The right messages must get through to the right people, at the right time, on a one-to-one basis. Our Xeikon digital presses enable us to do that !”

Gerhard Märtterer, Director for One-to-One Marketing Services at Eversfrank

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