Since 1988, Xeikon is a key player in the digital press market.  With more than 1000 presses installed in the market, Xeikon is recognized for its product and unique Dry Toner print quality in Label, Document or Folding Carton markets! Keeping all Dry Toner Press design and production in-house, while partnering with key players to enable complete solution suites, provides our customers with a reliable solution to build their business upon. Going from food-safe labels, flashy carton product boxes to deinkable trendy wallpaper.

With the REX program, Xeikon expands all this goodness into a new and broader market, which requires lower initial investment cost but without any quality limitation.
At Xeikon, we respect people, planet and profit. For years our customers choosing for Xeikon solutions, contribute to the development of an eco-friendly production. Xeikon aims for raw material substitution or reduction, process efficiency improvement and energy usage, as well as product disposal and life cycle optimization. This REX program builds upon this strategy by reducing waste and extending product lifecycles of existing presses with again multiple years.

Reconditioned engines source quality

Used for Demo or sold by Xeikon, the presses have been supported by Xeikon engineers, knowing the ins and outs of the press on age, usage, service etc…  Nevertheless every press considered for the REX program goes through a profound technical “condition scoring”, allowing our engineers to replace and optimize every critical component required for an extended life with perfect print quality.  Every Digital press has been updated to the latest revision, on both Hardware as Software side, making it ready for years of production.  After going through extensive testing, we box the product for shipment to you.

Budget solution

All of us are sometimes faced with larger ideas or business plans then our available budgets. Instead of being limited in your dreams or having to give in on your ideal specifications, Xeikon now offers a range of Digital Presses, fully reconditioned to deliver the same or even better print quality as the original New version, at an affordable price level.

Service & support

Every Xeikon Press from the REX program can be fully trusted, therefore we also offer you the same Xeikon service suites for the REX systems as our New Digital Presses.  You choose the flavor  you like.  Xeikon is committed to support the presses delivered through the REX program at least till 2025.

Xeikon Digital Press REX offering

•    Xeikon 3030 REX: ideal for Self Adhesive Label production with width up to 330mm (Single sided)

Xeikon Digital Press REX offering

All Digital presses part of the REX program:

- can be factory or field upgraded to higher speed or broader width solution (as technical possible)*
- can be delivered in a Roll to Roll configuration of into a complete solution suite.
- Are compatible with relevant Xeikon pre/post equipment**
- Comes with: Latest HW & SW installed + Xeikon well-known X800 digital front-end V7.0 + CMYK & White
- Have similar technical specifications as their new alternative, according to following table:
- Xeikon 3030 REX = Reconditioned version of Xeikon 3030

Are reconditioned and not new, some signs of use are normal nevertheless you can expect quality printing.

Xeikon 3030

New to digital label printing? Here's the Xeikon 3030: Entry level, and designed to be upgraded as your business grows. Ideal for prime label, wine labels, promotional heat transfer labels, POP, POS, banners, etc.

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