Xeikon PX2200

Meet the Xeikon PX2200, our entry-level digital UV inkjet label printing press. Made to be integrated perfectly within your label production environment.

Ready for the next turn. Just like you.

Maybe you are already familiar with the Xeikon digital workflow; maybe you’re considering taking your label portfolio a step further, venturing into health and beauty, industrial or chemical markets.

Ready to take that leap? Leap with the Xeikon PX2200 UV inkjet label press, based on Panther technology and PantherCure UV ink. Completely within the Xeikon digital ecosystem, you can benefit from optimal flexibility, quality and productivity. As an entry-level inkjet label press, it’s made to be integrated perfectly within your label production environment.

Run like a panther. Turn like a panther.

PantherCure UV ink offers a glossy, tactile finish and eliminates the need to varnish specific substrates, while offering great durability and resistance. Scuff, scratch, chemical, temperature, sunlight – your labels will continue to shine. This level of durability meets the needs you find in health and beauty, household, chemical and industrial markets perfectly.

Ready to take a leap forward

automate your workflows
with the X-800 front-end

enjoy print media choice
self-adhesive media, coated & Uncoated Paper, PVC, PP, PE

PantherCure UV inks

make quality versatile
600*600d dpi, 330mm or 13" wide

need speed?
50m/min or 164.5 ft/min at top speed

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