Xeikon cx500

For larger sized labels, labels requiring opaque white or extended gamut the Xeikon CX500 outperforms all high-quality digital label presses in terms of productivity.

Run or be outrun

Thanks to its unique web width (up to 520mm - 20.47") and its full rotary printing with speeds at 30m/min (98ft/min), the Xeikon CX500 outperforms all high-quality digital label presses in terms of productivity. No wonder it’s called ‘the cheetah’: it takes the best qualities of its predecessor, the CX3, and takes them a step further.

That’s what makes it ideally suited for larger sized labels, labels requiring an opaque white or an extended gamut.

Label printing quality could not be more flexible

Shorter runs, meeting complex customer demands, but not making compromises when it comes to productivity and quality? The Xeikon CX500 is the first digital label press based on a new generation dry toner platform that is designed around four key pillars:

  • intuitive operator interactivity
  • consistent top notch quality
  • reliable best in class uptime
  • unbeatable productivity

Ready to take a leap forward

unique web width
up to 520mm - 20.47"

full rotary printing
30m/min (98ft/min) printing speed

optimal printing quality

substrate freedom
print on standard label materials

spot color reproduction and security applications
5th color station

You are all ready to run

A Xeikon press always comes as a complete set-up that includes: 

  • the digital front-end
    enjoy digital operating flexibility
  • a dry toner range
    in-house engineered toners designed for label converters
  • label converting equipment
    a wide variety of components

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The digital technology that fits best depends on your application. But which one would suit you? Find out, with the whys and hows, in our in-depth analysis of digital production technologies.

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