Fusion technology : One flow - All digital

High-end labels or cartons are produced with various embellishment by combining different printing processes ensuring that those products stand-out. This involves the use of spot varnish, high build varnish, foiling, screen printed details in combination with full color reproduction. And how can you produce shorter runs of that high-end work cost effective?

Fusion technology is the first digital combination platform that will allow you to produce embellishments digitally. By combining different sorts of digital printing technologies, using the technology in what it excels. That is how you will have a true unique solution that offers you the flexibility to produce high-end labels and cartons of any run lenght cost effectively including embellishment like

  • Digital foiling process
  • Digital gloss spot varnish
  • Digital tactile varnish
  • Digital braille

Xeikon Fusion Embellishment Unit

This latest addition to our already broad portfolio of digital equipment for labels, builds on the company’s ambition to provide and equip label printers and converters with the most comprehensive portfolio of innovative digital equipment for the broad scope of label print manufacturing. The Xeikon FEU offers label printers and converters maximum flexibility to meet the demands of brand owners and designers striving to achieve high end, eye catching, unique, entertaining and creative labels. With complete digital finishing and embellishment capabilities, Xeikon’s FEU is based on MGI technology and provides UV spot varnish, tactile varnish, foiling, 3D textures and holograms across a wide range of substrates including clear on clear, common BOPP and paper facestock up to natural structured papers.

Xeikon FEU

Xeikon’s FEU is a stand-alone solution. This enables it to embellish printed materials originating from different technologies. It is also able to pre-print foil onto substrates, thus meeting the many new brand-owner needs for today’s label designs. Optionally Xeikon’s FEU can be equipped with a semi rotational die-cut unit so that it will deliver fully embellished and finished labels. Whilst Xeikon’s focus at present is on label applications, the new FEU has the potential to address other applications over time.

Download here the Xeikon FEU spec sheet

Fusion technology at a glance

Xeikon digital press
handling full color reproduction

One platform
allows for placing the modules before or after the Xeikon press

New opportunities
enabling 100% variability with no setup time

X-800 device workflow
controlling and driving all modules

Xeikon press part of Fusion technology

The full color reproduction of the designs are taken care by a Xeikon press. At 1200 dpi print resolution the press deliver offset alike quality at a consistent speed. The dry toner contributes to the high quality and lends itself extremely well to be combined with other digital printing processes.

Fusion technology capabilities

Getting an idea of the capabilities really depends on your specific wishes. So we'll have to get to know each other a bit before we can provide you that information. Just leave us a message, okay? And we'll get back to you to talk things through.

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