The beating heart of our label suites, whether for self-adhesive, IML or heat-transfer labels, is our range of Xeikon 3000 digital label printing presses. Unlike conventional technology, our digital presses are made for dealing with shorter runs, faster delivery times and more complex customer demands. Looking for more room for creativity?

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Introducing: the Xeikon 3000 series

Whether you're already a label specialist, or considering to venture into new territory with a specific label range, every single Xeikon 3000 press is designed for high productivity and the highest quality printing at entry level investment costs.

  • Superb label printing quality

    with true 1200 dpi

  • Optimized workflows

    thanks to seamless digital front-end integration

  • A wide range of substrates available

    without pre-coating or pre-treatment

  • High productivity

    thanks to full rotary printing

  • Upgrade your digital press

    as you grow

  • Food-safe

    FDA-approved and lightfast dry toner labels

  • Expert consultancy and support

    with remote service capabilities

The PX3000 Digital Inkjet label press

As truly direct and dedicated digital printing technology specialists, we believe you should deal with your challenges in your very own way. That is why we now offer a wider range of digital technologies for a wide range of label applications. The Xeikon PX3000 combines our trademark quality, versatility and speed with the possibilities of inkjet. It’s Panther technology. It makes quality versatile. It’s very Xeikon.

Discover more about the PX3000 here.

Xeikon CX3 label press aka 'the cheetah'

At the top of the digital production chain, our 'cheetah' Xeikon CX3 label press packs speed, versatility and quality like no other. Dare to come closer?

Xeikon CX3

Faster running speed, lower operating costs and unseen flexibility to meet complex customer demands without compromising quality, reliability or consistency - whatever the label or volume.

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Xeikon 3030

New to digital label printing? Here's the Xeikon 3030: Entry level, and designed to be upgraded as your business grows. Ideal for prime label, wine labels, promotional heat transfer labels, POP, POS, banners, etc.

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Xeikon 3030 Plus

Entry-level label press but with higher top speed and extra capacity for label production starters. Great for larger volumes.

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Xeikon 3300

As narrow web flagship, the Xeikon 3300 is all set to help you deal with today's label printing challenges. Throw anything you have at it and it will deliver. Ideal for prime label applications, heat transfer label applications and food-safe labels.

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Xeikon 3050

A variable web width from 250 mm to 516 mm (9.8” - 20.3”) means there is basically no size limit to what this digital marvel can do.

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Xeikon 3500

As our flagship wide web label press, the Xeikon 3500 enables shorter runs, faster delivery times and more complex customer demands at top speeds for widths up to 516 mm (20.3 inches).

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Fusion - the future of digital combination printing is here


Fusion technology is the next big thing in digital label and packaging production. It opens up the market for high-end labels and carton produced on one digital platform, providing a true digital alternative for conventional combination printing.

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Why Xeikon?

Xeikon is 100% dedicated to digital label printing technology. From the toners and the digital front-end to the presses themselves: we design, manufacture and continually enhance every part of our label suites.

You request? We listen. Many of our innovations are the result of feedback we receive from the digital label community at large, and are implemented in close cooperation with our Aura Partner Network.

That’s why.

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