basysPrint is a leading specialist for computer-to-plate solutions for the print industry. As the world's prime manufacturer of practice-proven CtP systems for UV-sensitive plates, it combines the latest exposure techniques with the cost-efficient and mature UV plate technology.

Book on demand

more often known as Print on Demand (POD), this it the process of ordering books or other printed media in hard copy and/or in electronic form for immediate printing, typically short-run print runs.

Cross-media Campaigns

the strategy of using more than one medium (e.g., print, web) within a particular outbound campaign in a way that provides the recipient with a consistent experience across the different media.

CtP; computer to plate

a printing process in which a digital image is transmitted directly from a computer to a printing plate, thus eliminating the need for producing film (or negatives), stripping, and shooting plates.


a device that measures the degree optical density of a photographic or semitransparent material or of reflecting surface.

Electro photography

a printing technique initially used in copy machines, laser, and LED printers that uses electrostatic charges, dry ink (toner) and light.

Field upgradeable

a xeikon machine upgrade completed on-site and without a forklift.

Flexographic; flexography

a relief-printing technique similar to letterpress that employs rubber or soft plastic plates, a simple inking system, and fast-drying inks.

ICC color management

color management through the use of profiles, known as ICC profiles (a set of data that characterizes a color input or output device or a color space) according to standards set forth by the International Color Consortium (ICC).


arranging pages to be printed on the printer’s sheet in order to gain faster printing, simplified binding, and less waste of paper.

Just in Time

An inventory strategy employed to increase efficiency and decrease waste by printing products only as they are needed, thereby reducing inventory costs.


relief printing of text and images using a press in which a reversed, raised surface is inked and then pressed into a sheet of paper to obtain a positive right-reading image.


Xeikon's proprietary approach to printing on both sides of a substrate/media at the same time.

One-pass opaque white

a Xeikon process in which an opaque white ink is printed in a single pass.

PANTONE Matching System

a set of standard colors for printing developed by Pantone, each of which is specified by a single number.

Pericles Screening Library

Xeikon specific halftone screening library optimized for minimal imaging artifacts on a 1200 DPI imaging system with 16 output levels per pixel (4bps).


a machine that makes plates used for reproducing printed matter.


basysPrint processes for creating plates in order to reproduce printed matter.


Adobe's trademark for a type of document based upon an object-oriented computer language that describes the appearance and layout of the document and used to print high-resolution text and graphics.


workflow software that enhances productivity in any printing environment and that uses JDF to share job data, imposition, and page assignment information with content preparation, production planning, prepress, and business systems.

RIP; RIPing; RIPed

raster image processing is the process and the means of turning vector digital information such as a PostScript file into a high-resolution raster image.


the reprographic technique that simulates continuous tone imagery through the use of dot clusters, varying either in size, in shape or in spacing.


a new product line of reliable, high-quality digital imagers from Xeikon for flexographic platemaking.


a compound expression formed from the words transaction and promotional, and refers to the process of adding relevant marketing promotions or advertising onto existing transaction-related documents, such as statements, invoices, and bills.


the process of compensating for the possibility of misregistration (gaps between colors) on the printing press by printing small areas of overlapping color where objects meet.

UV plate technology

creating images on printing plates using UV light.

Variable-data workflows

a form of digital printing in which text, graphics, and/or images are changed dynamically from one printed piece to the next using information from a database or external file.


organic chemicals that have a high vapor pressure at ordinary, room-temperature conditions.

Web to print

a set of software tools that enable eCommerce for the purchasing print products.