Xeikon X800 Digital Front End - Workflow Software

The X-800 enables superior and consistent print quality in combination with industry-leading productivity. XML-based automation and integration helps ensure that more jobs are processed faster with minimal human intervention, which improves accuracy, ensures repeatability, and reduces errors, resulting in industry-leading productivity.

The latest generation of the Xeikon X-800 Digital Front-End is the result of continuous improvement and innovation, the result of direct feedback from our most demanding customers.

Through the X-800, one can accept various file formats, as well as tackle demanding variable-data print jobs at rated engine speeds. Intuitive and based on open standards, it enables the implementation of flexible and fully automated workflows in any production environment. Totally modular, it fits into your existing organization, while its scalability makes it the benchmark for high-end variable data production allowing it to grow with your future needs.


The X-800 combines prepress, data processing and press operation functionality, enabling our users to manage and print even complex variable data jobs with unprecedented ease.


In combination with our included metadata module, simple variable data jobs can even be defined entirely on the X-800, opening up a world of possibilities for variable print projects. To enable tracking of production from print to delivery or to prevent counterfeiting, the X-800 allows dynamic addition of production data or other variable elements such as sequential numbers or barcodes, to already RIP-ed documents. Unique to Xeikon, the Metadata module eliminates the need for ancillary products to accomplish these goals, simply and intuitively.


The X-800 features automatic printer calibration, density control and registration adjustments. for excellent color stability. A constant output quality without operators losing time having to manually tweak the color settings. The X-800 even allows post-RIP color adjustment during printing, minimizing downtime while offering great flexibility in ensuring continuously consistent quality.

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