Xeikon 3500 Digital Folding Carton Printing Press

In terms of versatility and productivity, no press in our Xeikon 3000 Series can beat the Xeikon 3500. As our flagship folding carton packaging press a Xeikon 3500 will produce at true 1200 dpi for formats up to B2 at stunning speeds. Shorter runs, faster delivery times and more complex customer demands? Give him some real challenges, okay?

The carton packaging leader in the Xeikon 3000 Series

Making full advantage of its digital front-end, the Xeikon 3500 offers your operators flexibility you won't find in any other conventional technology:

  • full integration into your workflow
  • no mineral oils, food safe, dedicated dry toners
  • print on wide range of board types (GC1, GC2, GD1…)
  • 5 print stations for CMYK plus orange
  • sheet or web solutions

Xeikon 3500 for packaging at a glance

B2 format or bigger
516 mm (20.3”) x 730 mm (28.7") or 516 mm x 1000mm

Broad color gamut and quality
CMYK gamut expanded with orange

handles production volumes
1630 B2 sheets / hour

dedicated dry toner
no mineral oils, high light-fastness, food-safe

Always part of a complete Folding Carton Suite

A Xeikon 3500 is always part of a full digital production set-up, called “Suite” in Xeikon speak. Whatever the segment your packaging is meant for – cosmetics, food, beverages, pharma – the Xeikon folding carton suite offers you all you need:

  • a top folding carton press
  • workflow software
  • print media
  • dry toners
  • converting equipment

A Xeikon 3500 price quote

We'll have to get to know each other a bit before we can set your specific Xeikon 3500 price. Just leave us a message, okay?. We'll get back to you to talk things through.

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