Xeikon, the Digital Printing Solutions division of Flint Group, is a longstanding leader and innovator in digital printing technology. Grounded in the principles of quality, flexibility and sustainability, Xeikon designs, develops and delivers digital colour presses for labels, carton packaging, and graphic arts and decoration. It thereby offers a full solution suite, consisting of presses, consumables, peripheral equipment, software and services.

Driven by digital printing’s ability to print exact quantities, reduce (start-up) waste, and enable lower stock-keeping, sustainability is at the heart of everything we do and influences our long-term strategy. We have defined three keys areas where we focus our actions.

Continue to reduce our carbon footprint

The company’s sustainability approach started several years ago, when we decided to convert our toner factory site in Heultje, Belgium to 100% green energy. All energy and material processes were redesigned to reduce the company’s carbon footprint and its waste levels. Toner waste has been halved within 10 years.

Next to the toner production, we continue to look at the toner itself. We are in the process of moving our resin sourcing from Japan to Italy, thereby reducing transport. In addition, we evaluate how to recycle our toner bottles.

Our printing solutions are designed to reduce our carbon footprint to the lowest degree possible. Among other initiatives, we work on printing press energy reductions and diminishing the waste between print jobs. Our printing solutions are also increasingly connected online, thereby enabling remote monitoring and servicing. This reduces the amount of traveling by the service organisation.

Offer solutions that promote recyclability

Xeikon pays attention to recycling and ensures that toner particles can easily be removed from their substrates at the end of the functional life, no matter whether used on paper or plastic. As such, all toner prints are 100% recyclable and deinkable. Xeikon also works together with specific customers to re-use toner bottles. A sustainable way to deliver good and environmental-friendly products on the market!

Innovative solutions for the circular market

Finally, the REX (Reconditioned Digital Presses) program enables us to give our machines a second life by putting them back into the market. REX helps to extend the lifetime of an engine by an additional five to seven years. A similar arrangement is in place for peripheral equipment including 14 unwinders and rewinders.

Flint Group Sustainability Report 2020

We invite you to discover more about some of Flint Group's great initiatives. There are so many important examples of sustainability in action clearly showing that one of Flint Group greatest strengths is the ‘can do’ culture.

Download here the Flint Group Sustainability Report 2020.