Hi, we're Xeikon.

We design, build, install and maintain complete digital printing solutions for labels & packaging, document & commercial and folding carton. The same goes for ThermoFlexX, our specialist in flexo and letterpress plate makers, and basysPrint, CTP for digital imaging of offset printing plates experts

Fully customisable

We’re direct, because our solutions are fully customisable to your business, and we’re close to our customers with a global live & remote service.

100% focus

We’re the only ones in the world with a 100% focus on all aspects of digital printing technology, including the toners, so, yes, you could say we’re dedicated.

Personal Flexible Profitable

And as far as digital goes, well, our goal has always been and always will be to create the best ways to make the highest printing quality personal, flexible & profitable.

A division of FlintGroup

That’s Xeikon digital printing solutions, a division of Flint Group

We were founded back in 1988 to become a division of Flint Group in 2015, as a top 3 digital solutions provider in well-chosen markets. The result is a fine market share in digital printing in 2016 with a global install base of over 1,000 machines.

You might also have heard from us in 2015 when we launched the Xeikon 9800 and the Xeikon CX3, aka the Cheetah, the fastest high quality label press available today.

100% Xeikon


100% focus on all aspects of digital printing technologies.


Xeikon offers a range of dry toners designed with your applications in mind.


The digital front-end: X-800 is dedicated & scalable, handles all file formats and offers full MIS Integration

Digital is more eco-friendly by nature

At Xeikon, we respect people, planet and profit. By choosing for our solutions, you contribute to the development of eco-friendly production:


    reduce waste through minimal production, downsize storage space and lower your costs

  • eco-design strategies

    we aim for raw material substitution or reduction, process efficiency improvement and energy usage, as well as life cycle and product disposal optimization

  • save raw materials, energy and water

    digital guarantees a significant reduction in raw materials as well as energy and water savings, doesn’t cause water pollution and enables easy paper recycling thanks to our dry toners’ ‘good deinkable’ grade

  • recognized as such

    we were granted the Belgian Environmental Award for sustainable product development in 2003-2004 and honoured for our specifically designed and reusable packaging in 2007

  • Sustainability Report

    Discover more about Xeikon's initiatives about sustainability and download also the Flint Group Sustainability report.