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The core of each of Xeikon's integration packages contains the machine installation, basic operator training, and application production training. With that is the Xeikon Care Gold Service Contract, our most-successful service formula, which covers all maintenance parts and labor to ensure the typical high up-time of the Xeikon solution.

The most appropriate level of integration for you is primarily determined by both the experience level of your operators and your production-management skills with Xeikon machines.


The Optimal integration package, with additional professional training and on-call print consultancy added to the basic integration services, ensures that you get the most out of your new production line. These value-added services create a significant step forward in productivity, workflow efficiency, and operator skills — each that are very important for a successful take-off in your start-up year.


The Flexible integration package — including on-call print consultancy — is perfectly fit to get your Xeikon solution running at required productivity as soon as possible. In total, these 10 days of print consultancy will make the critical difference between learning as you go and reaching expertise on an accelerated path.


The Enhanced Integration package includes customized advanced training to ensure that your team professionally handles the specific production hurdles that may arise. Learning to operate a machine and handle applications is one thing; exceling at it without loss of production time is attained when you invest in advanced training tuned to your specific situation and requirements.


The Basic Integration package contains professional installation as well as standard operator and application training, all supported with a Xeikon Care Gold service contract.


The Xeikon Service team starts with preparing the installation of your machine the day your sales order is received. Xeikon follows the process with one goal: a smooth installation with guaranteed optimal performance of the machine at your site.

The steps are:

  • site survey checklists
  • technical verifications of the
  • fit to your needs
  • professional machine
  • manufacturing
  • in-house quality testing
  • precisely followed
  • installation planning.

In advance of installation and during the installation itself, the Xeikon service representative is your point of contact. We understand that a good relationship between our service team and your representative responsible for your facility, is of crucial importance.Xeikon typically aims to finish the machine installation within five working days.

Immediately after the installation of the Xeikon machine, Xeikon provides training for optimal use of the digital press.

During the three- to five-day training, your operator learns how to set the required parameters to achieve optimal performance of the Xeikon system. In addition to the press components and functionality technical basics, Xeikon trains your operator(s) to perform the daily operations for which they are responsible:

  • daily set-up and maintenance of the machine
  • replacement of consumables and usage parts
  • appliance of mandatory cleaning and parameter adjustments

Following installation, the trainer reviews the workflow aspects of the Xeikon press and how it integrates with your digital workflow. Sending a few jobs to the press and printing them will allow your team to reiterate several topics covered during the basic operator training. After the training your operator will be able to handle your main production needs. Although this training focuses on printing jobs on some substrates that you use and even though this class has a very hands-on approach, meeting tight production deadlines during the training days will not be possible.

Depending upon the customer needs, production training is given to press operators and DTP personnel (maximum four people per training) and can include topics such as:

  • general prepress preparations as they relate to the Xeikon press
  • understanding the RIP
  • imposition
  • calibration
  • color management

Application Production Training takes place at your print-production line and takes approximately five days.

Xeikon delivers a customized, advanced training during the first week that is appropriate for elevating the education of your team to the required level. Be it for operators, to optimize productivity, or geared toward workflow, your choice will determine what advanced training will be provided.

For a maximum of ten days during the first year, our print consultants will assist you in optimizing the productive use of your Xeikon digital press. These days may be requested in time slots that suit you the best: single days, three days in a row, or two weeks of on-site support.

Xeikon offers professional-level consultancy on the different aspects of digital printing. Whether the goal is to optimize machine utilization, improve your workflow, or advise on the color management of your digital printing, Xeikon’s on-call print consultancy is the solution.

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