Xeikon Service Contracts Care

Xeikon service contracts provide you with an additional level of maintenance to guarantee continuous performance of the system, in line with your needs and requirements. With professional telephone support, prioritized service-call handling, preventive maintenance, and other services, Xeikon makes the service contract a must in good business practice. It guarantees you that Xeikon will act fast, efficiently, and in close cooperation.

Xeikon presents a proven baseline of four service contracts and assists you in defining the appropriate insurance level that your business requires. With Xeikon Integration, you will experience the value of a gold service contract during the first year after installation. Specific additional service level agreements may be available at additional charges and can be discussed with your local Xeikon Service manager.

Four Service Contract levels

The Bronze contract is the most basic service contract that Xeikon offers.

With included spare parts, the Silver contract allows you to control material costs and making it ideal for companies with highly skilled and experienced operators

The Gold service contract provides the full security of fixed service costs for both material and labor. With a complete and highly valued service level, this agreement is our most-popular service contract.

The Platinum service contract goes beyond maintenance and includes several attractive consultancy services.

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