Through its high-performance digital presses, Xeikon delivers outstanding quality that answers its customers' challenges and opens up the business opportunities they seek. Additionally, Xeikon provides expert consultative services to integrate its customers' digital presses into production, to optimize their workflow, as well as to ensure high up-time and excellent performance.  Xeikon Service brings long-term value with critically important components of a comprehensive digital-printing solution to its cus

Xeikon has a global network of direct organizations, dealers and distributors which provide technicians who are highly trained in every aspect of our technology. To support you even further we will always provide the first line of direct service, so if you have a query you can contact a Xeikon employee as part of the first step to finding a solution.
We are completely dedicated to the technology and solutions we develop and the customers who use it. By ensuring we understand exactly the aims of our customers, Xeikon’s experienced staff are able to provide the perfect combination of technology, service and support.

Our mission ... to make you successful in the digital production environment.

In a fast changing market manufacturers must continually examine and, where necessary, redefine their service strategies if they are to provide customers with the most effective options for their business. This is why Xeikon has developed new flexible service offerings that fit the requirements of our customers exactly, whatever stage they may be at.

Whether a business needs to move up to the next level of productivity or they want to move their digital production line to different premises, whether they need on-site support to handle a regular big job or they want us to design an educational workshop for staff … we’re there for them. The degree of flexibility we have incorporated into our new strategy means that services can be tailored precisely, now and in the future.

Xeikon Services Overview





PREMIUM SERVICES   Our specialists help you with the integration of finishingequipment and setting up custom applications   Handle jobs in the most efficient way and reproduce the highest quality. We provide color services (matching Xeikon press to flexo, offset, ...) and operator coaching   In this advanced stage of operation our experts deliver specific media scripting, complex color management or even co-develop completely new applications to discover new applications
TRAINING   The operator learns the basics to use the press: control & operation and application workflows   To get to the next level of production, specific training packages are available for uptime and quality management   This phase requires advanced application trainings and effective productivity management
SUPPORT   Site survey, installation, operator coaching… All the support needed to get going   Productivity is key, we're there for peak coverage and operator support   Special work requires special attention with on-site application support by our experts


Premium Services

A more advanced integration of finishing or application specific equipment might require an efficient ‘project management approach’, which Xeikon can set up in close relationship with your team of professionals.

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STAR training

Like all leading-edge, computer-based technology, a Xeikon press offers a staggering level of potential – in this instance producing a massive variety of variable high-quality print.

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Xeikon Service Integration & Xeikon Service Care

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