Digital leaflet production with dry toner has become the most profitable way to deal with the many challenges you’re facing. Our Leaflet Production Suite combines flexibility, safety, speed and printing quality like no other. Moreover, you’ll enjoy new colour freedom to make your leaflets more informative, accessible and enhance brand experience – think: Extend Content Labels (ECL), and booklets.

Where packaging goes, leaflets follow, right?

Still rather necessity than work of honour, often subject to strict regulations, leaflets and booklets have become some sort of a specialist niche today. While they are not yet seen as a true marketing opportunity, they are made with the utmost care. And pressure is mounting, because packaging is changing.

Increasing product variety, shortening product life cycles, more monolingual or bilingual leaflets, incorporating specific local requirements, reduced stocks, just-in-time inventory policies… That affects leaflet production fundamentally. In short: more custom orders, shorter runs and faster turnarounds.

Plus: it requires specialist knowledge. Because whether for pharma, chemicals, electronic devices, electrical equipment and other consumer goods: leaflets come in all shapes and sizes. Inserts, booklets, multi-folded glued outserts or tagserts, leaflet-labels, Z-cards, mini booklets…

Producing any leaflet in a profitable way today?
With shorter runs and faster turnarounds?
Go digital. With dry toner.
With a Xeikon leaflet production Suite.

What’s in a Xeikon Leaflet Production Suite?

5 components, to be more exact, finely tuned to make you produce a fine finished product:


Got a need for speed? The Xeikon leaflet presses deliver

Take your pick:

fastest duplex leaflet press, paper up to 350 gsm

Every Xeikon leaflet press will print fine details in logos and sharp and legible text, even at the smallest font sizes. Minute details in security features, such as guilloches and micro-text? Go ahead. All at true 1200 dpi resolution combined with four-bit variable-dot density.

Whatever your choice, you’ll enjoy optimal productivity and 100% data integrity thanks to our unique and patented One-Pass-Duplex™ technology, which makes perfect front-to-back registration and simultaneous double-sided printing happening.


A fully automated workflow

All our presses come with the X-800 digital front-end, offering seamless integration and connectivity with any market-leading PDF, design and production workflows.

From one station, you’ll handle

  • prepress
  • data processing
  • colour management
  • press operation

Handle booklets and leaflets of all formats

Xeikon duplex presses can print on scalable widths of 320-512 mm (12.6”-20.2”), offering an image width of up to 504 mm (19.8”). Combined with a virtually unlimited length, this results in exceptional format flexibility.


Dry toner made for digital leaflet and booklet production

Enjoy creative colour freedom and optimal legibility thanks to our dry toners:

  • widest colour gamut possible
    4 standard colours, and off-the-shelf and custom-made spot colours
  • impeccable results on paper as thin as 40 gsm
    no shine-through
  • resistant to chemicals, accidental spills
    no need for varnishing or lamination

Converting equipment for a fine end product

Integrated with inline leaflet finishing equipment, it makes for the fastest digital leaflet production line around. Available: a web finishing module, a unit for accurate cutting and slitting, a folding machine and a conveyor stacker. Working closely with our Aura Partners, we can offer you a fully integrated solution, customized to your requirements.

See the proof on Xeikon quality


You can upload up to 5 different leaflet designs here. We will produce them

  • on 2 different substrates
  • with a Xeikon 9000 Series press
  • using QA-CD toner

Or you can choose to produce some great samples we've selected for you.

order your custom samples

5 reasons to print leaflets with a Xeikon suite

1. work with the flexibility you need

fully integrated and customisable workflow

2. superior results on the thinnest paper

no shine-through thanks to dry toner

3. perfectly finished leaflet

all-in solution with inline finishing equipment

4. wide colour gamut

excellent legibility, new branding possibilities

5. speed and quality combined

1200 dpi at impressive printing speeds

A custom made Xeikon solution?

The total solutions team at Xeikon helps every Leaflet printer
with made-to-measure solutions. ​Feel free to get in touch with our
Total solutions team by using the contact form below

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