Meeting specific requirements of your heat transfer label process

Whether for promotional items or plastic containers, digital heat transfer decoration can open new doors for you. Maybe, as a self-adhesive label specialist, you want to diversify and start a new line of business. Or, as injection moulder, you're looking for a way to bring product decoration in-house and reclaim market share from IML specialists.

You can deliver labels with a much better quality, faster turnaround time and build new revenue streams with higher profit margins even on very small runs of different quantities of different sized labels.

Screen, Flexo or Offset printing would be too complicated for that.
And new customers would be attracted by the fast response time and turnaround, high quality, finely detailed labels that make their products stand out.

Making high quality label production surprisingly versatile

More demanding customers, shorter runs, multiple variety, full colour graphics - the list of questions that challenge how you used to do business goes on and on. No one wants to compromise quality; and you want to keep your business profitable and future-proof.

Our digital heat transfer label suite combines digital label print technology with heat transfer application processes boasting a 1200 dpi imaging quality, flexibility at affordable prices and JIT decoration capabilities.

Consisting of 5 components tuned into each other, it delivers high quality heat transfer labels in a way that suits your workflow, whether your application is industrial, promotional, textile, therimage or water slide.


Producing 1200 dpi full colour heat transfer labels with incredible detail

Each of our presses in the Xeikon 3000 series offers 1200 dpi printing quality, variable repeat to print small to big size labels (> 1m - 40") and 5 printing stations (CMYK and white) colour speeds. Depending on your application, your label dimensions and your goals, our entry level press, Xeikon 3030, offers 322 mm (12.7”) for industrial and promotional products. The Xeikon 3500 produces heat transfer labels at to 19.2 m/min (63.0 ft/min) with an imaging width of 508 mm (20”).


Work with commonly used heat transfer label substrates

From siliconised paper or film to coated film and waxpaper: whether you are already into heat transfer label production or not, every suite works with substrates widely used in the industry, with weights ranging from 40 - 350 gsm (27 lb. text to 122 lb. cover). This offers you all the versatility and creative freedom you need, without having to deal with complex logistics.


Make it your workflow

Controlling every one of your heat transfer labels from start to finish is your digital workflow. This offers you the tool set to maximize your productivity while minimizing downtime and material waste, ensure quality consistency and automate  your operations. Its beating heart is our digital front-end, called X-800, which has direct access to the hardware of the press. Add-ons like these will make your life even easier, like our Barcode dongle, VariLane, off-line prepress station, XeikonColorControl and ColorMagic.


Toner designed for your heat transfer label process

Ready to impress brand owners? For excellent lightfastness, FDA-approved food safety, one-pass opaque white, custom colors and fluent production you can rely on our dry toner range. Designed and developed in-house, there are made for heat transfer label production, and make printing at 1200 dpi with incredible detail possible.


Auxiliary equipment for every heat transfer label process

The matching auxiliary equipment like label applicators makes sure you have a completely automated set-up that produces heat transfer labels in fine state, ready to be applied. We’ve got a whole network, called Aura partners, as well that work closely with us in developing and finetuning auxiliary equipment for heat transfer label production.

See the proof on Xeikon quality


You can upload up to 5 different label designs here. We will produce them

  • on 4 different substrates
  • With a Xeikon 3000 Series press
  • using ICE toner (CMYK and White)

Or you can choose to produce some great samples we've selected for you.

order your custom samples

5 reasons to stick with a Xeikon heat transfer label suite

1. expand your operation

produce decorated products in-house

2. benefit from greater flexibility

keep shorter runs and smaller jobs profitable

3. 1200 dpi for brilliant labels

full colour printing with incredible detail

4. made for heat transfer labelling

5 production components carefully tuned for the job

5. all-in suite

one set-up for a complete production process

A custom made Xeikon solution?

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