As smaller short-run print shop or large print service provider: you can print almost any finished format size, with fast turnarounds and full flexibility. Name any size, any length – yes, any length –, any substrate, any application - and your Xeikon Document Production Suite will deliver:

  • letters, marketing and sales collaterals
  • personalised folders
  • DM’s and other mailings
  • double-sided posters, point of sales materials
  • online and data driven document series
  • transactional printing
  • shelf strips

Keeping document production profitable

Some may have thought for a while that with the breakthrough of digital communication, print was, well, quite dead. Not so. Print has earned its spot in the full media mix. Though the context and the rules may have changed, document printing continues to be of great commercial value, and may even be the new luxury medium for some – just think direct mail versus email.

Turns out digital production is the way to make this happen - both in a profitable way, and in a way that allows you to diversify.

Of course: more custom orders, short runs, fast turnaround, transactional jobs, a multitude of different substrates, different sizes... The only way to keep up is one set-up that offers you complete flexibility.

1 all-in set-up, 5 solid components

Our Document Production Suite is made of 5 components tuned into each other to make you get the most out of digital printing technology:

Xeikon document production printing press

Xeikon 9000 Series, prints on the widest media range available

Our dedicated Xeikon series of document & commercial presses deliver the highest image quality, highest productivity and lowest running costs, with 5-color printing at 1200 dpi.

Document Production Workflow

Make it your document production workflow

Our Xeikon X-800 digital front-end is a fast and efficient digital workflow that can be automated and integrated, without having to compromise on quality. Add-on solutions enable you to print all common input files combining pre-press, data processing and press operation functionality.

Document Production DRY TONER

The fuel that makes it happen: dry toner

Our document production toner is available in the 4 process colours (CMYK) as well as:

  • 5 off-the-shelf gamut expansion spot colours
    Red, Green, Blue, Orange, and Extra magenta
  • 2 technical toners
    a one-pass Opaque White toner and a Clear toner
  • custom-made colours
    developed to meet specific brand requirements

Our toners do not emit any hazardous Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) during production or use. Better even, they are fully de-inkable and recyclable.

Document Production Print Media

Unrivalled in printing media lengths and substrates

You can produce a wide array of standard and non-standard application formats and virtually unlimited image lengths. Uncoated & coated, standard media without pretreatment, preperforated media – have it any way you want.

Xeikon document production printing press

Everything for a finished product

The combination of the Xeikon press with inline document finishing provides the flexibility to create almost any type of mailing:

  • jumbo unwinder & webcleaning
  • dynamic perforator
  • WFM
  • jumbo rewinder
  • vacuum box
  • cutting & slitting unit
  • stacking
  • delivery unit

See the proof on Xeikon quality


You can upload up to 5 different document designs here. We will produce them

  • on 2 different substrates
  • with a Xeikon 9000 Series press
  • using QA-CD toner

Or you can choose to produce some great samples we've selected for you.


Some good reasons to go Xeikon for your document production

1. unrivalled printing length

virtually no limits to image length

2. no compromises in printing quality

true 1200 dpi regardless of engine speed

3. enjoy total creative freedom

produce a wide variety of products

4. all-in set-up

1 Suite as complete solution for all your documents

5. full operational flexibility

automated and integrated digital workflow

A custom made Xeikon solution?

The total solutions team at Xeikon helps every Document Printer
with made-to-measure solutions. ​Feel free to get in touch with our
Total solutions team by using the contact form below

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