Xeikon Book Production Suite

Volumes per title drop but the number of titles increases. Printing on demand through online services. Shorter runs. Tighter deadlines, just in time delivery, more demanding customers.

Welcome to the world of book production.

They’re exactly the kind of challenges you should throw at Xeikon digital book printing solutions. Our Book Production Suites offer customized end-to-end solutions for books, book covers and dust jackets. On your left: a white roll of paper. On your right: a finished book product.

Digital makes book production profitable and flexible

As much as 30% of printed books remain unsold and end up being pulped. Matching supply to demand is made possible by digital print on demand since it makes small run production cost-effective. Digital book printing is extremely flexible too:

  • last-minute changes? go ahead
    make updates in short turnaround times
  • eliminate inventory
    and the associated risks and costs
  • fewer costs and reduced waste
    so less impact on the environment

No wonder our digital book printing solutions are widely used to produce trade & children’s books, backlists, self-publications, photo books, professional and legal works, scientific, technical and medical books, and educational and text books.

Take full advantage of digital book printing technology

We prefer to call our solutions Book Production Suites, though, since they offer a complete set-up which you can completely adapt to your way of working. A Suite consists of 5 different components, each making full use of what digital printing technology has to offer:

Xeikon Book Production Suite

The SX30000 for book production

With the Xeikon SX30000 and the Xeikon SX20000 - you have a choice of eco-friendly high-performance digital duplex presses. Your choice really depends on your productivity. What they all have in common is:

  • superior printing quality
    1200 dpi
  • web-fed
    handle scalable print media widths
  • produce a wide array of (non-)standard formats
    virtually unlimited image lengths
Book production suite workflow software

Have book production your way with the digital front-end

Our X-800 digital front-end allows you to create a fast and efficient digital book production workflow that can be automated and integrated, without having to compromise on quality. Benefit from the X-800’s numerous features to minimize downtime and increase productivity:

  • make your operator’s life easy
    pre-press functionality separated from the press operation
  • highly scalable multi-threaded software
    multiple CPUs on one system or additional offline RIP platforms
  • dynamic addition of production data or other variable elements
    tracking production from print to delivery, prevent counterfeiting
  • open industry standards
    seamless integration and connectivity with your existing workflow and market-leading applications
Book production suite dry toner

Dry toner made for book printing

We develop our proprietary dry toners in-house, and they are designed to work with specific Suites and applications for optimal productivity and quality. You can enjoy unbeaten print media flexibility in terms of width, format, weight, and type.

  • no coating or pre-treatment
    uncompromising quality on conventional paper substrates
  • optimally recyclable
    score high on de-inkability too
  • for books, covers and dust jackets
    handle an impressive range of weights and calipers without a crease
Book production suite print media

Widest media range for book production

Whether for book content production (book blocks) or manufacturing covers and dust jackets, you’ll be able to print on the widest media range available. Your media weight can vary between 40 and 350 gsm (27 lb. text to 122 lb. cover).


Auxiliary equipment for books from start to finish

Choose from a range of input and output accessories to support your productivity and streamline your finishing:

  • stackers
    special book block stacks included
  • unwinders
    medium and large size, minimal number of stops
  • rewinders
    fit seamlessly in any workflow, for all finishing of print jobs
  • web finishing module
    applies invisible protective layer to enhance scratch and scuff resistance

5 reasons for producing books and covers the Xeikon way

1. make small runs cost-effective

benefit from optimal flexibility and printing quality

2. suited for all document & commercial printing

diversify with direct mails and commercial applications

3. productive & reliable

robust build with +90% uptime

4. dedicated to digital book printing technology

fully designed, developed and serviced by Xeikon

5. produce books from start to finish

wide range of converting equipment

A custom made Xeikon solution?

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