STAR training

Like all leading-edge, computer-based technology, a Xeikon press offers a staggering level of potential – in this instance producing a massive variety of variable high-quality print. To enable operators to achieve that potential, Xeikon has created its global Xeikon STAR Program of training modules which provides a logical, step-by-step learning process that matches exactly the needs of individual customers.

The Xeikon STAR Program combines Xeikon’s main training offerings under one umbrella, incorporating six modules that take the operator from the very first steps to advanced media scripting and color training. So, whether the operator is new or experienced, the Xeikon STAR Program provides a means of becoming even more efficient at handling increasingly complex and demanding jobs, leading to greater productivity and higher revenues.

The Xeikon STAR Program will…
•    Increase customer’s productivity.
•    Improve press uptime.
•    Help increase customer’s revenue.
•    Improve our customer satisfaction level with Xeikon.
•    Offer a more focused Customer Care service & training options that builds to an “Expert” status upon full completion of the program.

Xeikon STAR Program

Basic Operator Training will give the Xeikon press operator the baseline knowledge to print and operate the Xeikon digital press and RIP to produce high quality customer production jobs.

Basic Workflow Training will give the Xeikon press and prepress operators the baseline knowledge to operate the RIP and understand basic X-800 features and functions to produce high-quality customer production jobs.

Training for Production Efficiency will give the Xeikon Press Operator the knowledge of the Xeikon Press to perform all maintenance tasks, and operational know-how resulting in improved press productivity and operations.

Training for Workflow Efficiency will give the Xeikon pre-press and press operator the advanced knowledge to effectively operate the X-800 features and functions.

Advanced Media Scripting Training will give the Xeikon press operator advanced knowledge in creating media scripts for compatible media used for your Xeikon Press; making set-up efficient and productive.

Advanced Color Training will give the pre-press and press operators advanced knowledge in color. Our various Xeikon Color Services curriculum will help build your knowledge from basic to expert certified levels, which will highly improve your color management, skill set, and print production

Customer Specific Training: Designed to fulfil the specific needs and requirements for the customer within the aXelerate Business Development Services.