Smaller print shop or large service provider: when your customer sees things extra large, you want to be able to deliver. Our Large Document Production Suite is designed to do exactly that: print extra large and large formats with ultimate flexibility without making any compromises in quality. That’s why our Suite is very often used for L and XL:

  • outdoor advertising
  • point-of-sales materials
  • marketing collaterals
  • banners and posters

How big do you see things?

Coated and uncoated paper and paperboard, synthetic print media and label stock – you can all feed them to your Xeikon Large Format Production Suite. This allows you to diversify your offering and grow your business too. Good thing our Suite can be upgraded along the way.

One Large Format Production Suite to rule them all

Our Large Format Production Suite integrates 5 major components that make digital printing technology work in the best possible way for you. One set-up contains all you need for a finished product:


Impressive range of duplex presses

Anyone of our Xeikon document presses can be tuned to produce large formats. They all deliver the highest image quality, highest productivity and lowest running costs, with 5-color printing at 1200 dpi.

  • entry-level press, ideal to foray into digital
    Xeikon 8500
  • high performer, standard and non-standard formats
    Xeikon 9600
  • top performer, wide substrate range, unique format flexibility
    Xeikon 9800

So flexible that substrate type does not matter either

It could be banners, flags, film foils, paper – double sided too, or suited to be used in light displays, for interiors or in the streets. Your Xeikon digital Suite is designed to work with the widest media range available.


A digital front-end to have it your way

It’s one thing to be able to deal with shorter run times, just-in-time orders and faster turnarounds. It’s another to create a large format workflow you can integrate into your existing one; and adjust it to your preferences. Meet our X-800 digital front-end, designed to make your operator’s life easier, enjoy creative freedom and built-in quality control checks, avoid mistakes – and save time and money.


Application-tuned dry toner

Our dry toner-based imaging technology delivers uncompromising quality on conventional paper substrates without coating or pretreatment, and on synthetic print media. This helps you save time and money. Moreover, Xeikon toners score high on de-inkability and improve recyclability.


Optimal preparation and finishing

From start to finish: a range of pre and post equipment is available for your large format production line, made to work with your Xeikon set-up. Just to name a few:

  • jumbo unwinder
  • webcleaning
  • vacuumbox
  • cutting/slitting unit
  • delivery

See the proof on Xeikon quality


You can upload up to 5 different large format designs here. We will produce them

  • on 2 different substrates
  • with a Xeikon 9000 Series press
  • using QA-CD toner

Or you can choose to produce some great samples we've selected for you.

order your custom samples

Need more reasons to go digital?

1. full media flexibility

no constraints in handling different sizes, substrates…

2. time-saving workflow

have our digital front-end your way

3. one set-up for all

all you need for a ready-to-deliver product

4. true 1200 dpi printing quality

dedicated press and dry toner

5. upgrade along the way

diversify and grow your business

A custom made Xeikon solution?

The total solutions team at Xeikon helps every Large Format Producer
with made-to-measure solutions. ​Feel free to get in touch with our
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