Xeikon Premium Services

A more advanced integration of finishing or application specific equipment might require an efficient ‘project management approach’, which Xeikon can set up in close relationship with your team of professionals. Furthermore, even during the start-up phase you might have the opportunity to handle complex jobs, in which case Xeikon can help provide customized on-site print consultancy that goes way beyond normal training.



Once your operator has followed basic operator training, there will be a need for more advanced training that will help you to achieve the most of both the machine’s and and your operator's capabilities.

The advanced operator training matures the operator in determining the best adjustments possible to achieve a better quality of each job with broad knowledge on media scripting and specific applications. The operator also gets additional insight into the machine itself, enabling fast and accurate troubleshooting of the engine.

The advanced operator training takes between three and five days.


The basic operator training and the application production training are of utmost importance at the start-up of your Xeikon production line. However, Xeikon presents a consultancy service through additional productivity and workflow training that will help you to get the most out of the performance of your workflow.

The Productivity & Workflow Training takes between three and five days.

This professional productivity and workflow training brings added value at key times:

  • shortly after installation
  • after the first few months of production
  • when you start new business with other substrates
  • when your operator or prepress team changes


In close cooperation with print-media manufacturers and customers all over the world, Xeikon has developed a database of media scripts. To handle the ever-growing range of substrates requested by your customers, you need to be able to perform scripting of specific substrates on your own. A Xeikon expert provides this Advanced Media Script training at the customer's premises, using the customer's substrates. This training will help you to establish the most-optimal setting for each substrate, reach perfect quality, improve the printing stability, and minimize waste. Easy-to-follow procedures and lots of extra experience-based tips and tricks are included in the training.

The duration of the training depends upon customer requirements.


A print consultancy starts with a full-day evaluation of your current working processes. We first detail what improvements we recommend in order to optimize your workflow and increase your productivity — there may be a variety of causes contributing to decreased performance, ranging from equipment and software, to machine environment, to operator skills, and internal cooperation. Based upon the report, and in close cooperation, we evaluate additional options and the next steps that you may wish to take.


In this advanced operator training, the content of the course will be tailored based upon the current knowledge and experience of the attendees. We will focus upon the detailed explanation and workings of the press. This will give the operator a good base to understand advanced topics, which will be discussed in the scripting days and the troubleshooting day. The training will detail the correct maintenance approach, including not only how to maintain but also when and how often. Furthermore, we explain what defects could arise when maintenance is not done the correct way, beginning with the scripting process. This consists in finding the most-optimal setting for each substrate, which will not only result in optimal quality but will also improve the stability and minimize waste.

The course runs five days.

Smart Services


In close cooperation with print-media manufacturers and customers all over the world, Xeikon has developed a database of media scripts. Sometimes the standard scripting approach does not give the expected level of results. For very special substrates that do not yet make part of the Xeikon Media script library, you can rely on a Xeikon specialist to realize the required specific scripting. The duration of the service depends on customer requirements.


Your production also runs outside business hours. This might be your standard regime or may happen on specific occasions, for instance, the each first week of the month. For these specific planned production peaks, you may want to increase the service security to ensure that your production delivers the output when your customers expect it. Xeikon offers local on-call, standby service outside working hours. This service can be limited to telephone support or extended with on-site service interventions, with response times determined by both Xeikon and your location. Such on-call standby service can be highly complementary to a gold or platinum service contract.


New industry trends and changing customer demands might require you to relocate your print production line. Xeikon offers a professional approach to make sure your machine is performing at its maximum capabilities after restart of your production line. A Xeikon service team provides the necessary packaging material, tools, and spares and executes the relocation in the best way possible. In preparation of a relocation, a Xeikon representative will work with you to complete a site survey as if a new machine would be installed. The relocation itself does not include additional training to new operators. If this would be required, other services can be ordered.


A well-scheduled, preventive maintenance visit secures the machine uptime at the moment you need it the most. The preventive maintenance brings your Xeikon machine to its best possible status. Thorough cleaning, bug-fixing software upgrades, and optimal parameter adjustments are part of a standard checklist. Preventive replacement of parts is charged as defined in your service contract. Depending upon the condition of your print production line, the preventive maintenance can take one to three days.