Xeikon CX500

The perfect fit

Pouch production is a perfect fit for label converters looking to expand their business. This is a growing and dynamic global market with huge potential. Brand owners are aware that pouches are not only a value-added and sustainable alternative to rigid packaging, flexible pouches stand out on the shelf and communicate much better with the consumer, as each pouch can be unique with an option of full variability and the highest image quality.

The Xeikon CX500 has been the press of choice since its 516 mm (20.3") web width allows for productive solution. The full rotary printing architecture enables any length of labels without productivity loss.

Xeikon fleXflow for pouch production

To develop new business, it’s important to develop a value proposition which addresses quality, service, delivery and competitive pricing. Digital production provides a broad range of new possibilities, new benefits which drive to profit.

Xeikon’s fleXflow process is the corner stone of Xeikon’s solution for pouch production delivering unique benefits.

Download the Xeikon fleXflow value sheet

Xeikon digital pouch printing solution

Create new business

The pouch market is a strong growing market globally. They are a packaging alternative for a variety of products as they stand out on the shelf, communicate much better with the consumer and on top, have a very high content vs packaging weight ratio.

The additional values of digitally produced pouches based upon the fleXflow process are:

  • Profitability for volumes from 1 up to 20.000 pouches
  • Highest image quality and full variability, every pouch can be unique
  • Extremely low setup and turnaround times
  • A wide application range, with the highest level of food safety in digital, eco friendly

4 reasons to go digital the Xeikon way for pouches

Profitable for short-runs

No setup cost, limited waste, full rotary wide-web (516m/20.3”) printing

Full variable printing in full color

Powered with Xeikon’s X-800 front-end

Quick Turnaround

Zero after cure lamination process, automated quality control

Wide application range

Highest food safety, lamination process geared for versatility, “zero” solvents used for both print and lamination

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