QA-I Dry Toners

Xeikon's QA-I toner has been specifically developed based on the requirements of label and packaging converters. The toner is produced at Xeikon’s dedicated toner plant in Heultje, Belgium. Innovative, market-driven research and development ensures it is continually improved, so the Xeikon users can meet ever-rising quality and productivity standards.

QA-I toner is available in the four process colors (CMYK) as well as five off-the-shelf gamut expansion spot colors (Red, Green, Blue, Orange, and Extra magenta). Two technical toners, a one-pass Opaque White toner and a Clear toner, are also available for printing on clear/metallized films and security applications, respectively. In addition, Xeikon can also develop custom-made colors to meet specific brand color requirements.


ICE toner has been specifically designed to expand digital label production to heat sensitive substrates like PE substrates and thermal transfer labels. Perfectly compatible with the digital label suites , it allows label printers to create new possibilities and opening up new markets while guaranteeing the high Xeikon quality standards. ICE toner is based on the proven Xeikon QA technology, bringing the renowned benefits such as being able to print on conventional substrates without the need of specific priming. ICE toner can run on all new and installed Xeikon 3000 Series digital presses.

Food Safety

In the United States, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) sets guidelines that must be followed with regard to food, whether packaged or not. Some of these guidelines are with respect to the actual materials being used to produce the labels, such as inks, toners and substrates. In addition, FDA also sets guidelines with respect to the printed materials in contact with food. The two types of food contact are direct and indirect. With direct food contact, the printed material comes into contact with the food. Indirect food contact refers to printed materials that are located on the outside packaging of the food. The Xeikon QA-I toner meets all the applicable FDA guidelines for indirect food contact under room temperature and less severe conditions as well as direct food contact for dry food substances containing no surface oil or fat under the same conditions.

Food safety is of the highest priority for label converters, as nearly 40 percent of the digitally produced labels are used for food packaging applications. By utilizing Xeikon’s latest technology, label converters can gain a unique competitive edge in the markets they serve. Other printing technologies that involve UV-inks or solvent-based liquid inks do not always meet the FDA guidelines as they contain low molecular weight components. For example, most UV-inks are unsuitable for indirect food contact as non-cross linked molecules or photo-initiators present in the cured ink could migrate through the packaging and contaminate the food being packaged.

The QA-I toner suitability for indirect food contact applies to all process colors (CMYK) as well as spot colors (White, Clear, Extra Magenta, Red, Green, Blue and Orange). The toner’s direct food contact suitability applies to all process colors (CMYK) and White, Clear and Extra Magenta spot colors.


The QA-I toner has been formulated to take toner lightfastness to an entirely new level. Lightfastness is a measure of how well a printed image resists discoloration or fading as a result of exposure to sunlight over time. Some printed images, such as those located in an office environment where the image is affected mostly by artificial light, have lower lightfastness requirements than images that will be continuously exposed to sunlight.

Lightfastness is measured using the Blue Wool scale with ratings ranging from 1 (very low) to 8 (ultimate). A rating of 8 means that the color will begin to fade in 6 to 15 months, while a rating of 1 means that fading will occur between 3 hours to 3 days. Out of Xeikon's QA-I standard process colors, Black (K) achieved the highest lightfastness rating of 8, Cyan © achieved a rating of 7-8, while Magenta (M) and Yellow (Y) achieved a rating of 6-7. This is the best combination of lightfastness ratings among all the different digital printing technologies currently available on the market for label production.

The most impactful product labels are those that will stand out on the shelf and capture a consumer's attention. The Xeikon QA-I toner achieves this objective by providing excellent color consistency to label converters and ensuring that the printed colors maintain their vitality over time.


The Xeikon QA-I toners are eco-friendly. They do not emit any hazardous Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) during production or use. In addition, they are fully de-inkable and recyclable based on the relevant applications.

The QA-I toners are also eco-friendly based on their manufacturing process, which involves lower energy consumption and waste.

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