Xeikon CX3 Digital Label Printing Press

Faster running speed, lower operating costs and unseen flexibility to meet complex customer demands without compromising quality, reliability or consistency - whatever the label. 

Seen customers take digital label printing equipment seriously serious lately? That's exactly why.

  • top speed of 30m/min or 98 ft/min
  • substrate widths up to 330 mm or 13 inches
  • full rotary printing, variable repeat
  • true 1200 dpi
  • FDA food-safe toners
  • versatile workflow, digital front-end
  • prints on your common flexo materials

A digital label press that could not be more Xeikon

Its top speed of 30 m/min (98 ft/min) makes the Xeikon CX3 is the most productive 5-colour digital label press in its class. It is, in effect, a class of its own. No wonder it's also known as 'the cheetah'.

The Xeikon CX3 could not be more direct, dedicated or digital. The birth of our 'cheetah' is a direct result of the dedication that has defined us for the past decades: from global service to our application-tuned toners, the front-end, our Aura partner network and the pre- and post converting equipment to the presses themselves, our focus is making digital production technology work in the best possible way. At the top of the digital technology chain it packs speed, versatility and quality like no other.

Handling different types of label production efficiently

Finding the right solution for every label project is crucial for label businesses today. Growing volumes, enhancing brand awareness with new technologies, shorter and more versioned runs, more demanding customers... How do you handle that efficiently in a way that would allow your business to grow? The Xeikon CX3 will do exactly that for you. It will complement your longer flexo runs so you can stay more competitive in that field too.

"Quality and consistency are critical to us and to our customers"

"The Xeikon team showed us how installing the Xeikon CX3 would help us meet the specific demands of our customers while ensuring superior quality. Having this flexibility is a fundamental market differentiator for us."

Our Xeikon CX3 does not come alone

Digital front-end for unmatched ease of use

Our Xeikon X-800 Digital Front-End is designed to meet each and every need of label converters. It will optimally suit your label applications.

Xeikon-engineered dry toner

Our digital label presses prefer the food we make for them. Moreover, our in-house engineered toners are designed for label converters. It gets you the best results, guaranteeing you speed, quality and safety. Think: lightfast, eco-friendly and foodsafe.
Check label toners out here.

Xeikon equipment

For application-dedicated printing lines we have developed a set of label converting equipment for some of the fastest growing digital label printing niches. This wide variety of components will get you optimal productivity and quality.

A digital label press for every business
Get the best possible start with the Xeikon 3030 label press

Xeikon 3030

New to digital label printing? Here's the Xeikon 3030: Entry level, and designed to be upgraded as your business grows. Ideal for prime label, wine labels, promotional heat transfer labels, POP, POS, banners, etc.

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Xeikon 3030 Plus Digital Label Printing Press

Xeikon 3030 Plus

Entry-level label press but with higher top speed and extra capacity for label production starters. Great for larger volumes.

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Xeikon 3050 Digital Label Printing Press

Xeikon 3050

A variable web width from 250 mm to 516 mm (9.8” - 20.3”) means there is basically no size limit to what this digital marvel can do.

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Xeikon 3300 Digital Label Printing Press

Xeikon 3300

As narrow web flagship, the Xeikon 3300 is all set to help you deal with today's label printing challenges. Throw anything you have at it and it will deliver. Ideal for prime label applications, heat transfer label applications and food-safe labels.

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Xeikon 3500 Digital Label Printing Press

Xeikon 3500

As our flagship wide web label press, the Xeikon 3500 enables shorter runs, faster delivery times and more complex customer demands at top speeds for widths up to 516 mm (20.3 inches).

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Abbey Labels chooses Xeikon CX3

Xeikon, an innovator in digital color printing technology, is proud to announce that leading UK label producer Abbey Labels Ltd has chosen the Xeikon CX3

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5 false reasons that have kept you from switching to digital label printing

Label converters everywhere are moving away from flexo in favor of digital printing! In this blog article, we discuss five arguments of these “non-believers”, showing you exactly why their reasoning is false and why you too should switch to digital label printing today.

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Fast, high quality labels powered by Xeikon Cheetah technology

Xeikon, an innovator in digital color printing technology, announces the Latin American debut of the Xeikon CX3 at Andina-Pack

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