Are you not direct mailing yet? 4 reasons you should be!


Direct mailing may be one of the oldest forms of marketing, but it is still very much alive and kicking. Because who doesn’t like to get mail, right?

Notulen Algemene Vergadering 2017

Corporate News

Aandeelhouders en andere vergadergerechtigden kunnen op verzoek een kopie opvragen van de notulen van de algemene vergadering van 26 juni jl.

Direct mail printing: the digital versus offset dilemma


So, you’ve decided to run a direct mailing campaign. A smart move, because the facts speak for themselves: direct mail has always been and still is a sure means to boost sales.

How personalization drives direct mail response rates


While some marketers have indefinitely abandoned direct mail in favor of email marketing, others are achieving stellar results with direct mailing campaigns. The secret behind those high direct mail response rates?

Xeikon 9600 performs as a workhorse for DME


Fast and productive turnaround of high-quality jobs, with exceptional color coverage

Printing labels for durable and industrial environment: this is how it’s done


Durables are often exposed to extreme conditions, such as heat and mechanical stress. This article explores the best technology for durable labels.