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Eede, The Netherlands, September 30, 2015

Xeikon, an innovator in digital color printing technology, has welcomed Shin Yu Industrial in Taiwan as the latest partner addition to its fast growing network of experts in the Asia Pacific region. Under the partner agreement, Shin Yu will offer the full range of Xeikon’s solutions for the labels and packaging printing segment in Taiwan.

“The key to success in Taiwan is to have a strong partner with excellent market relationship and commitment to provide the best in class services to a very quality conscious label market,” commentsBent Serritslev, Managing Director Xeikon Asia Pacific. “With the appointment of the highly experienced Shin Yu team, Xeikon will be well represented in Taiwan and able to effectively showcase the unique features of the Xeikon 3000 range and the newly launched CX3digital press. They will be able to clearly demonstrate how the systems are well suited for the Taiwan market in terms of flexibility, speed and cost effectiveness.”

Leading suppliers join forces

Shin Yu Industial Co. Ltd., was founded in 1975 and is a leading supplier of flexo and letter press plates plus other consumables and some prepress equipment in the Taiwan and Great China market. They become the No.1 agent of Toray plates beats Europe and Japan market after 2011.

Shin Yu works based on integrity and well customer-service to build great relationship with clients. To employees, they provide comfort working environments that all employees could work under well self-developing opportunities to drive Shin Yu to sustained operation.

“With our many years market experience, Shin Yu has developed strong relationships with leading converters. Our approach is based on our core principles of integrity, ownership and complete customer service set-up, all of which is a fundamental part of providing a long term business relationship with our industry and thus being recognized as a true partner for our customers,” says Ms. Joanne Hsiao, Vice General Manager of Shin Yu.

She continues: “Our representation of the comprehensive range of Xeikon presses is a natural extension of product line to our exciting range of leading converters in Taiwan and we believe the Xeikon digital printing presses can make a difference for our clients. We are very committed to this relationship and will jointly work with Xeikon to provide the best service to our customers.”


Shin Yu Industrial Co. Ltd., was founded in 1975 and is a leading supplier of flexo and letter press plates plus other consumables and some prepress equipment in the Taiwanese market. It works with leading partners such as Toray, Esko, Sanjo, Toyo Inks, Asahi and Toppan. The company operates from modern office facilities in New Taipei and has a strong customer relationship in the narrow and wide web printing industry in Taiwan.

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