Xeikon X800 IPDS Controller

Black-and-white workflows with limited color possibilities are not enough for that sought after edge over the competition. Xeikon’s IPDS Controller enables the production of complex and highly secure transactional documents to customers with highly personalized messages using vivid colorful images that enhance marketing communication pieces and deliver higher returns. The Xeikon IPDS Controller offers an enhanced workflow that delivers high quality, full color output at the full rated printing speed of our engines.

What’s more, the seamlessly integrated combination of the Xeikon X-800 DFE and the Xeikon IPDS Controller delivers the best of both worlds to its users: use either a native IPDS data stream support for transactional documents or native PDF for more traditional graphic arts printing work.

Xeikon IPDS Controller features

In the transactional printing market, customers’ statement information must be processed with precision and integrity. The Xeikon IPDS Controller enables the management of variable data with the highest reliability at top speeds and lowest costs.

With the Xeikon 8000 Series of presses, color registration and color density control are done automatically so customers don’t have to make any manual adjustments. Printed documents are ready to fit seamlessly into post-processing workflows. In combination with the X-800 and the Xeikon 8000 Series of printing press, the Xeikon IPDS Controller offers the missing link to convert today’s typical B/W workflows in data centers and service bureaus to full color.

Take full advantage of the printing speed of your Xeikon 8000 Series press as there is no latency in pre-ripping and printing on the IPDS controller.

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