Job Optimizer

The Xeikon Post-RIP imposition approach has proven to be a powerful feature. The design of each reference element needs to be RIPped only once. Then it can be ‘stepped on the web’ over and over again, drastically reducing the RIP time. This functionality was further improved when Xeikon introduced the step & repeat functionality with cut and stacked labels.

The next step was the development of Job Optimizer to further streamline the use of label substrates. The Job Optimizer software module brings further savings by optimizing the available positions for production of labels that have an identical size but vary in quantity.

The Xeikon X-800 Job Optimizer enables printers to create imposition schemes which incorporated multiple SKUs of the same size in the same lane. This offers printers a significant step-up in flexibility to both optimize the material used and reduce the print time of each run. Using a userfriendly interface, operators could simply enter a few key parameters

such as the number of lanes and the gap between the labels. They would then add the references and click Go. In an instant the software would automatically calculate the optimal positioning of the labels along the web roll. The software also allowed for Start/Stop separator labels to be inserted between the different SKUs on any particular lane. This greatly simplified the slit/rewind operation at the final production step where all the jobs were separated.

Customers could also decide what information to include on the separators e.g. the delivery address, number of copies, job reference etc. Blank synchronization labels could also be inserted should the printer see an advantage in this.

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