Xeikon 3050 Digital Folding Carton Printing Press

Customers demanding more flexibility from you, and faster responses? With a Xeikon 3050 you're ready for any challenge. Our wide web entry-level press achieves high quality, high productivity packaging production at entry level investment costs. Moreover: it is designed to be upgraded so it can grow along with you.

Xeikon 3050 cardboard press at a glance

B2 sheet size or bigger
516 mm (20.3”) x 730 mm (28.7") or 516 mm x 1000mm

speed meets quality
true 1200 dpi, 5 print stations with automatic quality control

handles production volumes
814 B2 sheets / hour

dry toner designed for folding carton production
no mineral oils, food safe, standard paper, high light-fastness

A Xeikon digital packaging printer never comes alone

Depending on the packaging types you're aiming for, the Xeikon 3050 comes as part of a digital folding carton suite, which is a complete production set-up. Whether for food, confectionary, beverages, pharma or health & beauty, a Xeikon Suite consists of 5 components you need for digital packaging production: a folding carton press, workflow software, print media, dry toners and converting equipment.

Getting a Xeikon 3050 price quote

Getting an idea of pricing really depends on your specific goals. So we'll have to talk things through before we can set your Xeikon 3050 price. Just leave us a message, okay?

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