The X-800 enables superior and consistent print quality in combination with industry-leading productivity. XML-based automation and integration helps ensure that more jobs are processed faster with minimal human intervention, which improves accuracy, ensures repeatability, and reduces errors, resulting in industry-leading productivity.

The latest generation of the Xeikon X-800 Digital Front-End is the result of continuous improvement and innovation, the result of direct feedback from our most demanding customers.

Through the X-800, one can accept various file formats, as well as tackle demanding variable-data print jobs at rated engine speeds. Intuitive and based on open standards, it enables the implementation of flexible and fully automated workflows in any production environment. Totally modular, it fits into your existing organization, while its scalability makes it the benchmark for high-end variable data production allowing it to grow with your future needs.

Digital front-end for folding carton production


The X-800 enables superior and consistent print quality in combination with industry-leading productivity. 

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Vectorizor is an innovative new software add-on to the Xeikon X-800 digital front-end that defines a new standard in communication with die cutting devices. 

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Xeikon ColorControl

Xeikon ColorControl is a cloud-based service that enables printers to offer repeatable and predictable colors and the best simulation of custom spot colors to their customers.

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Barcode Module

Xeikon's X-800 Barcode Module enables the inline generation of high-quality, industry-specific barcodes.

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Xeikon Impactor is a standalone application that helps further reducing substrate use and production costs . 

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ColorKey drives the spectrophotometer, enabling you to measure the Lab value of a specific color to monitor any deviations from a preset standard throughout the print run.

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An innovator in digital printing, Xeikon was one of the first to develop fully integrated digital workflows. Ever since we started engineering and commercializing digital printing engines, we have been developing, selling and supporting the digital front-ends that go with them, perfectly tuned to the features and specifications of our engines.


Especially for labels it takes an integrated solution to start from a blank substrate and end with the appropriate size of labels delivered in the specified amount on a reel. The challenges of greater flexibility, reduced stocks and a growing number of SKU’s have resulted in the proliferation of smaller run lengths. Accordingly, we have expanded our Front-End’s capability to handle these challenges with a range of new software developments over the years.


Our Xeikon X-800 Digital Front-End is fine-tuned to meet each and every need of label and packaging converters as well as to optimally suit your applications. Over the years, user feedback has been one of the most valuable sources of innovation and improvement at Xeikon. This has resulted in an efficient, integrated system. All the components of this integrated system are carefully tuned to each other, working in tandem to meet and exceed your specific needs.