Xeikon Trillium One Digital Document And Commercial Printing Press

With Trillium, you write history, because never before have you been able to combine the highest levels of speed with the highest levels of printing quality and cost-effectiveness. And you print the future, because paper has never been able to achieve levels of personalisation previously only associated with online media.

Xeikon Trillium One at a glance

variable web width
from 320 mm to 520 mm (12.6” to 20.5”)


speed meets quality
true 1200 dpi at top speed of 60 m/min

integrated workflow solutions
For both Graphic Arts & IPDS Workflows

Discover Trillium.. In VR

Changing the future often is a matter of technology

But where would technology be without people embracing it? It needs people waiting to write history – and, for once, you can take that literally. Because Trillium’s liquid toner technology enables you to print the future. By bridging the gap between quality, speed and cost-effectiveness, Trillium takes digital printing into a new era. Yes, it will create new business opportunities. Yes, it will unlock new markets. But most of all: you will consolidate your reputation as innovator, as a game-changer. We kindly invite you to embrace Trillium technology.

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